warehouse team

Warehouse team

"We're like a floating swan, in total control on the surface, but only because we’re paddling like mad underneath," says Shane Townes. He’s talking about the warehouse department and its operations.

Shane came to EDME 28 years ago working as warehouse operative, then team leader. In 2020 was promoted to supervisor with a team of six operators.

The team

The team comprises Andy Burgess, Jason Breame, Daniel Treanor, Steve Gunn, Carl Hender, and new joiner Billy O'Brien. They run and maintain three warehouses, two on-site and one down the road in Mistley, all housing a combination of raw materials and finished ingredients.

A lot of shifting
"It's a real juggling act," says Shane. "Together, we see to around 200 tonnes of raw materials and ingredients daily. That involves 600 to 700 movements a day.

“A movement might be taking a pallet of grain via forklift to the production area. It could be collecting the finished, bagged ingredients and taking them to designated areas for storage. Or it might be moving the ingredients to a lorry for onward delivery to customers.”

Taking stock

Things haven’t been easy during the past three years, but, as Shane says, "Despite all the challenges, there have been some good changes including further automation of systems.

“Now each bag is scanned and logged by an electronic gun. This process allows for stock to be accounted for with precision. But of course, it's still the team who are the heroes. Whatever new systems are installed, it’s still people who make them work. Our lot are always on the case, whether it’s day to day stuff, or monthly stock takes.

"Jason’s promotion to team leader has worked well: big congratulations and thanks to him for the fantastic job so far.

"Yes, we’re all paddling like mad beneath the surface, but it must be creating the right waves as the operations are running smoother than ever.