With an array of flakes available, flavour, colour and thickness can be matched to the specific application required. By selecting the appropriate flake, these nutritious wholegrain ingredients can be used in sweet or savoury products including breakfast cereals, muesli and granola bars, in addition to the many and various bakery applications. Malted flakes carry the characteristics and flavour of the parent cereal. For instance, malted rye flakes have the slight sourness associated with rye, whereas malted oat flakes have a more delicate and sweet flavour.

Malted flakes are a natural source of fibre, flavour and texture, and can be used as inclusions and/or toppings. They add value visible to the consumer, making them a great way of premiumising your products. 


Cereal and Malted Cereal Flakes
Cereal and malted cereal flakes are a speciality and we produce a large range of products with applications in bakery, breakfast cereals and general food formulation. Texture and flavour can be modified by using different styles of malt or cereal types and by process adjustments such as flake thickness.


Texture Modification
Modifying the texture of the raw grain is key to improving its palatability whilst preserving its wholegrain goodness. Our flaking processes are designed with this in mind.

Malted Flakes
Malted Flakes provide a natural source of fibre, flavour and texture.  Different flake types have different characteristics, allowing flavour, colour and thickness to be matched to your specific application. They can be used in sweet or savoury products alike, improving products from traditional and specialist dough-based goods to breakfast cereals. 


Kibbles are small pieces of chopped wholegrains. From breakfast cereals to artisan bread, you can use our nutritious kibbled ingredients in a multitude of applications. Their unique textures mean they add an extra oomph to any product.

Kibbled malts share many of the positive characteristics of malted flakes and are often used together with them to provide an interesting variety of texture in the finished product. Their small particle size and high flavour level comes into their own in small baked goods such as mini rolls, cookies and biscuits.

We create kibbled grains from both raw and cooked grains. If you opt for cooked grains, you will love the toasted flavours and aromas produced by our radiant heat ovens.

Kibbles provide a means of good value product premiumisation. They help define the character of  products such as malted breads. They are also great textural supplement when used alongside more expensive ingredients such as seeds.

Kibbled grains can be used alongside flakes, or instead of them, due to their more varied distribution. Kibble particle size can be varied according to application; a smaller particle will provide wider distribution and a smoother texture.

We offer kibbles from different cerealy grains. They vary in flavour,intensity, and size, giving you a wealth of choice.

When base flavours are too raw or need more depth of flavour, malted kibbles can be a saviour. They can also provide a subtle point of difference to give your product something unique.

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