Customer Services

Our knowledgeable sales team are just a phone call away, ready to help you find the right products/services for your business, and to make sure your order is processed efficiently, and hassle free. Their technical know-how means they are equipped to handle any bumps along the way, and their personable and accommodating attitudes will make for constructive dealings with members of your team.

Give them a call on +44(0)1206 393725, or email

Jo Townes

Jo Townes, Customer Service Supervisor 

EDME - Recipe

Your Recipe, Our Support

Our 300 individual ingredients include wholegrain and malted wholegrain flours, flakes and kibbles from wheat, rye, oats and barley. There's a wide range of specialist flours from grains such as maize, sorghum, amaranth, spelt, millet, quinoa and rice; from pulses such as lentils and fava beans; and from seeds such as chia and linseed.

Whether you're looking to create products that are high protein, high fibre, high vitamins, high minerals, gluten-free and/or low-GI, or any other specification, we can create a mix for you that will result in delicious, nutritious foods.

Product Development

We are constantly developing our range of ingredients, closely working with farmers and grain and seed experts. We can also help you with developing your products, enhancing current recipes, or creating new ones. This could be anything from bread and baked products, batters and coatings, to ready-to-eat savoury meals. Again, whether you are looking to offer high-protein, high-fibre, free-from, wholegrain, low-carb or additive-free, we can help you find a great solution. Our fantastic technical team and test bakery are at your disposal.


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EDME - wheat flakes

Laboratory Tailoring

EDME's on-site lab is home to our technicians, who work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure you recieve only the very best ingredients. In addition to quality assurance, they can work with you to provide ingredients to your specification. Whether that's flakes of a particular size, or gluten-free flours to less than 5 parts per million, we can help. As suppliers of ingredients to bakers and manufacturers in other food sectors, quality is our top priority. 

Your Delivery

Your business relies on efficient supply, and helpfulness at every stage of procurement. Although we don't like to boast, we would like to big up our experienced, knowledgable drivers, who are a main point of contact with your team members. Using our smart fleet of delivery trucks, they will arrive at your production facility or warehouse in a timely fashion, with first-rate ingredients and a smile on their face.

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