Our free-from ingredients enable you to improve your current free-from ranges - and create exciting new products. The better-than-standard spec of less than 5 ppm provides the kind of quality assurance (and general reassurance) that the food industry is looking for from suppliers.

Pulses, grains and seeds have to be of the very finest quality to grace our state-of-the-art, gluten free mills. Just like the need for ingredients gracing your production facilities to be the best. We can make a good no-compromise team.

Whether it's for health or lifestyle reasons, more and more people are cutting back on gluten. Gluten free was recently valued at £440 million (Kantar), accounts for 60% of the free-from market - and is still growing.

The race is on as bakers and food manufacturers search for effective, nutritious, new ingredients. Luckily, we can help.

Just because you're creating gluten-free, it doesn't mean you have to compromise in taste, texture, or flavour. Nor does it mean the consumer has to eat bland, over-sweet foods lacking in fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals.

We can offer technical support and advice on recipe development. If you're after tailor-made blends, are branching into gluten free, improving your recipes or extending your range, we'll be pleased to help.

For gluten-free ingredients that don't compromise, get in touch.

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