Our headline goals are aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals; drive the actions required to meet our sustainability aspirations; and make AMH a resilient business fit for meeting future challenges in a changing climate. The targets we have set for these goals, and measuring our progress to meet them, will shape our business priorities.

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A Net Zero Business

Reduce our carbon footprint and energy usage to become a Net Zero business.

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Working With Farms

Work with our supply chain to identify climate risks, develop resilient crops and mitigate agricultural impacts.

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Optimising Water Usage

Reduce water usage throughout our operations and protect the water in our local area.

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Zero Waste

Improve resource efficiency and more sustainable packaging to achieve zero waste ambition.

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Leaders In Product Development

Use innovation to future proof our products in line with trends and to meet consumer needs.

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Heart Of Our Communities

Engage with our local communities to give back more and be a responsible and inclusive employer.

Crisp Maltings barley harvest