We produce a huge variety of highly nutritious flours, for applications ranging from bakery; ready meals; batters and sauces to snack, energy and protein bars. From traditional malt flours, to gluten-free and vegetable-based flours, there is a wealth of options for you to choose from. With three flour mills, over a century of experience, and a top quality range of products, we can meet your every need.

We mill wholegrains, malted grains, seeds and pulses into flours of exceptional character and quality. Our specialised milling processes take account of the different properties of the raw materials – and are designed to optimise flour quality from each one.

Our use of ‘whole’ raw materials mean we can create ingredients containing maximum nutrients, fibre and micro-constituents. 

Our state-of-the-art gluten-free mill allows us to support bakers and food manufacturers in the quest for excellent ingredients that perform well in recipes, look fantastic, and taste great. We continue to expand our range. Demand for our flours has grown exponentially, and doesn’t show signs of slowing. In the UK, regulations allow gluten-free products to contain gluten up to 20 parts per million. We've bettered that, and can now provide gluten-free flours at less than 5 parts per million.

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