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Mark Hodson

Managing Director

Mark is an industry leader with significant experience in business transformation. He is looking to consolidate and build on the good work done by the team at EDME, and to expand the company’s horizons through closer working relationships with – and support to - customers.

EDME - Team - Renata Faldo (Quality manager)

Renata Faldo

Technical Director

As technical director, Renata makes sure all of our processes exceed professional standards, and that all of our products are safe to eat, and of exceptional quality.

EDME - Team - Gary McIlwaine (Production manager)

Gary McIlwaine

Head of Operations

Gary McIlwaine originally joined as a production operative over 15 years ago. He went on to secure the role as production manager in 2018, and now has been a promoted to head of operations. As head of operations, Gary is responsible for our production team as well as overseeing warehousing, transport, and engineering.

EDME - Team - Scott Pattinson (Finance and Commercial Controller)

Scott Pattinson

Finance and Commercial Controller

Finance and commercial controller Scott was appointed in April 2018, having joined us back in 2014. As well as overseeing all financial reporting, he works closely with our sales and operations teams to ensure our products are made from raw materials of the very best quality sourced at the best possible price, so that we can offer our customers the best value for money around.

EDME - Team - Jo Townes (Customer Service)

Jo Townes

Customer Service Supervisor

Jo heads up our customer service team, making sure all of our customers are satisfied, safe in the knowledge that they will receive exactly what they ask for.

EDME - Team - Gavin Mulligan (lab manager)

Gavin Mulligan

New Product Development Manager

Gavin heads up our NPD team, ensuring that the latest consumer food trends are monitored and that EDME have an appropriate solution to meet their ever changing needs.

EDME - Team - Lynne Smith (Transport Manager)

Lynne Smith

Transport Manager

Transport manager Lynne Smith makes sure the EDME fleet is in top condition, running efficiently and on time. 

Brian Shepherd, Engineering Manager

Brian Shepherd

Engineering Manager

Brian Shepherd heads up our engineering team. He brings 30 years of electrical and mechanical engineering expertise to the company, having been in food production for the vast majority of his career.

EDME - Team - Dave Meighan (Warehouse Manager)

Dave Meighan

Warehouse Manager

Warehouse manager Dave Meighan is focused on continually improving the procedures in place to ensure the swift and effective processing of product.

Aymeric Defoucher, international sales manager

Aymeric De Foucher

International Sales Manager

As international sales manager, Aymeric De Foucher has an encyclopedic knowledge of our products, and how to apply them. With him, you're in good hands.

EDME - Team - Ashley Clinton (Sales Manager)

Ashley Clinton

Sales Manager

As sales manager, Ashley Clinton uses his expert knowledge and experience to bring advantage to you, the customer.

EDME - Team - David Overton (Sales Manager)

David Overton

Sales Manager

Sales manager David Overton is well-versed in wholegrain products, and happy to help in any way he can.