Milled from a range of speciality malts including wheat, barley and rye, our malt flours provide flavour, colour and functionality for bakery and other food applications. There are numerous options, meaning that you can adjust the colour and flavour intensity of your final product.

Malted flours are classified as light (high & low diastatic and speciality) or dark (diastatic and non diastatic). Just give us a call and we'll talk you through them.

Malted Barley
We create a range of high diastatic malt flours from barley. The high enzyme levels make them perfect as bread improvers. Many bakers seek them for their genuine clean label attributes.

  • Malted Wheat
    EDME creates three styles of malted wheat which are then used to produce malt flours, flakes and kibbles with different degrees of colour and flavour intensity.

    • Malted Rye
      We have two different rye malts available - from which we produce flours, flakes, and kibbles. These are a mild, low colour malt and a darker, fuller, more roasted product.

      • Malted Oats
        Malted oats have a subtle flavour and creamy yellow colour. They are used to make nutritious flakes with maximum flavour and minimum enzyme activity.

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