Sensational Breads Sprout Up

Sprouted ingredients in doughs make for tastier bread.
They also add value to your loaf. Especially if they’re from ancient grains.
Here’s the germ of an idea: try them.

Sprouted ancient grains

Ancient and Sprouted Grains for British Baker - updated draft

The pioneering sprouted ancient grains include buckwheat; quinoa; einkorn; emmer; oats; and a spelt and quinoa blend. The ‘ancient’ label has supported the rise of quinoa, helping it to become one of the most celebrated seeds for food-lovers. It is this ‘ancient’ label that will help emmer and einkorn to emerge from niche health-food markets into more mainstream healthy food markets.

The original sprouted range

Wholesoft sprouted rye

Our WholeSoft® Sprouted range began with rye, wheat, spelt and naked barley. The sprouting process allows for grains to remain intact, providing all of the goodness associated with a wholegrain. Plus, the ‘sprouted’ label can seriously boost the premiumisation of speciality breads.They are natural and nutritious; add visible value; provide soft-chew texture; and contribute significantly to taste.

Sprouting about sprouting

Our special sprouting process creates outstanding succulent grains without the need for additives - or anything to detract from your clean labels. It gives you fabulous, tasty ingredients with a soft chewy bite - and great nutritional benefits. Quite a lot to like then…

sprouted grain

We’re pretty keen on the sprouting process. It’s used in malting. And it’s used for our WholeSoft® sprouted grains - the ones we’re enthusiastically spouting about here. We steep the very best quality cereal grains in water to start germination. Shoots start to appear, and at this stage we rinse and package them in their whole, intact, juicy beauty.

Sprouting process-01

Shooting the benefits

Retains moisture

Retains moisture

Sprouted grains don’t compete for water in dough-based products. So you get a more uniform crumb structure and better moisture retention. This improves freshness and reduces bread staleness.

Improves essential amino acid composition

Raises antioxidant levels

The sprouting process elevates levels of antioxidants. The enzyme activity and bio-chemical changes improve digestibility. It results in grains that are naturally high in fibre, vitamins (especially B and C) and essential amino acids.

Visible value

Adds visible value

With the WholeSoft® grains expansive and intact, they are clearly visible in breads, rolls, cakes and biscuits. The visual cues of wholegrain, healthy eating and nutrition support the premium positioning of your product.

Provides soft chew texture

Provides soft-chew texture

Sprouted cereal grains provide a succulent bite with subtle sweet, malty flavour notes. They work well as the only addition to the dough, or can be used alongside seeds and malt flakes to support the moisture and consistency of the crumb.

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