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Benefits of rye

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Provenance and sustainability matter. That's why we use locally sourced rye, which, it so happens, is the best in the country. By working closely with growers, obtaining raw materials of superb quality, we create flours, flakes, kibbles and sprouted grains that add real value to your products.

Rye flour

Rye has a deep, earthy flavour balanced with a slight sweetness, which plays out beautifully in breads of all kinds - plain, seeded, sourdough, soft crust and hard crust. The relatively low gluten content means that bread made from all-rye flour is likely to be denser, with close crumb structure, giving it that "packed-with-goodness" feel. Mixing rye with wheat flour will provide more elasticity and produce breads that are lighter, with a looser crumb. A light, airy, open texture with more chew can be achieved by using rye flour in your sourdough recipes.

EDME rye flour and rye sourdough - rye flour contains twice as much fibre as wheat flour (edited)

Malted Rye flour

EDME malted rye flours and bread

Malted rye flour shares many of the same inherent virtues as un-malted rye flour, but has some of its own additional benefits. The benefits of each are laid out below. All our variations of malted rye flour are milled from the whole kernel, husk, endosperm and germ. This means they contribute significantly to fibre content. The darker the colour of the flour, the more intense the flavour. Relatively small proportions help achieve rich, appetising colours and flavours.

Diastatic (enzyme active) malted rye flour

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Inclusion of rye flour improves fermentation in breads, relaxes the dough and softens the crumb. They also help moisture retention and extends product shelf life.

Non-diastatic (enzyme inactive) malted rye flour

Our range of malted rye flours enable you to adjust colour and flavour according to your recipe and preference. Inclusion of any of them give you the opportunity to position and market your product around the rye. This will support any premiumisation you are undertaking.

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