Renata Faldo, of Mistley-based food ingredients firm EDME, has been promoted to technical director.

Managing director Metin Fevzi says, "We welcome Renata's expertise on the the company board. Her strategic approach, unassuming, effective style of leadership, exacting standards and ambition for the business will make an important contribution."

Renata Faldo, EDME quality manager (2)

Since starting as EDME's laboratory technician some ten years ago, Renata has been promoted four times. "Her conscientiousness, dedication and commitment to team-working have been big assets in all the roles she has held", says Metin. "Her achievements set an example to anyone wanting to develop technical careers in the food sector."

He hopes her success might also inspire talented young people with scientific bents to consider careers in food manufacturing industry, as recruitment of quality candidates to the sector remains a challenge.

In her previous position as quality manager, Renata was overseeing the company's quality controls and processes. She led the activities to ensure the highest rating for the British Retail Consortium (BRC) announced audit for 3 years running, most recently in November 2018.

Her expanded team works closely with every part of the company. They are responsible for ensuring the most robust controls and checks - from the arrival and intake of raw materials to the packaging, dispatching and supply of nutritious, natural ingredients. They will also be working closely with the New Product Development team, helping to push the company towards the future, and finding new ways to innovate in a production practice several millennia old.

With the ever-increasing demands for traceability and locally sourced ingredients, there is a lot of customer liaison involved to food producers are getting exactly what they want, at the top quality they expect.

Renata now sits on the board of directors, influencing company direction and decisions."Renata is forward thinking, passionate, and knows the company inside and out." says Metin. "We're always looking for fresh new ideas and perspectives, and she will bring that to the boardroom."