Our Quality Control team is the central point for testing raw materials and our ingredients. Members play a key role in the support to customers, suppliers as well as all departments on site. The team comprises Quality Control Coordinator, Grzegorz Przykowski (Greg), and Quality Technicians: Marjie Kenny, Sally Brotherton, and Millie Cutterham.

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Quality Control Supervisor, Jordan Peck, gives an overview.

Testing, testing, 1...2...3...

"A typical day starts with the testing of raw materials. Team members check samples of bulk deliveries to ensure they meet the specification we’ve agreed with the supplier specification. "We also test samples prior to their delivery. This reduces the wait for drivers when they arrive on site, and prevents all the time wasting that would happen if out-of-spec raw materials were delivered. "Bulk deliveries can turn up any time throughout the day, and the team has to be flexible enough respond quickly whatever else they are in the middle of doing."

The finished product

"We analyse ingredients from production lines to ensure they all meet the stringent specifications agreed with our customers. This has to be done really efficiently so that everything coming off the line can be signed off and released straight away for delivery. This is critical for the company’s On Time In Full (OTIF) targets. "The team also tests palleted raw materials and packaging. This is particularly important in ensuring there is no contamination with allergens. Again, speed is of the essence. We can’t afford to hold up production or delivery.”

Not only a test

"Testing raw materials and finished product is the bread and butter of the laboratory. Other tasks provide the filling. "There’s the management of minor ‘non-conformities’ that arise during testing raw materials and finished products. "Quality verifications and data gathering include metal detector rejection and helping resolve issues.

A bit about Greg

"Greg oversees the day-to-day activities of the team aspects of the QC function. He works closely with other departments such as technical, warehouse and production. On top of overseeing the team, he takes on responsibilities, such as environmental and water monitoring." The Quality Control team play a key role for EDME and their efforts are very much appreciated.

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