Ray Clarke (engineering manager)

Food ingredients company EDME has appointed Ray Clarke as the new engineering manager.

Ray’s extensive engineering experience in the food and drink sector has been with companies as diverse as British Sugar, PepsiCo, Nestlé Purina, Arla Foods and Premier Foods. He now takes on responsibility for the upkeep of EDME’s historic site in Mistley, on the Essex-Suffolk border, and for the smooth-running of operations.

His team look after all the equipment that sorts, mills, flakes, blends and otherwise processes wholegrains, malted grains, pulses and seeds.

Says Ray, “Most of our processing methods are traditional. Our jobs as engineers is to help preserve those traditions at the same time as enabling industry-leading standards of quality in the production and packaging process.

“Overseeing machinery which produces tens of thousands of tonnes of ingredients is no mean feat. We have to be at the top of our game in every conventional mechanical detail – as well as in the newest technology. We work closely with every department to make sure that every last kilo of product leaving our doors is of perfect quality.

“I’m joining a fantastic group of highly motivated, well-organised individuals. We’ll be focussing on how, as a team, we can increase productivity and support the exciting innovation going on in the business.

“Bakers and food manufacturers have been increasingly tuned in to nutritious, functional ingredients, and our flours, flakes, kibbles and blends are highly sought after It’s the role of engineers to create capacity to meet the growing demand – and that’s an exciting challenge to be facing!.

“EDME is a really great company to work for, and is highly respected in the food industry. The people are caring and passionate about what they do and that helps ensure we stay on top in a competitive market. It’s all about innovation, but also preserving and respecting our heritage. I love the building and the history of our Mistley factory, and we still have a lot of the old black and white photographs from when it all began. It’s nice to be able to see where we came from as we move forward.”