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Getting sufficient protein in a vegan diet can be a challenge. The absence of meat and dairy leaves some significant gaps. By using our plant-based alternatives you can support the achievement of a healthy, balanced diet. All our ingredients are vegan. Some are particularly high in protein, rich in fibre and contain a variety of vitamins and minerals. Crucially, they are all clean-label.

High Protein Ingredients

Gluten Free Pulse Flours

Try substituting your flours with our Fava bean, chickpea, or green pea flours. They contain above 20% protein. Fava bean and green pea flour also contain nearly 30% dietary fibre.

The flours are also rich in vitamins and minerals. This is particularly important for offering alternative sources found in dairy and meat such as iron and calcium.

Fava bean flour and chickpea flour, for example, have a particularly high concentration of thiamin, vitamin K, vitamin B-6, iron and magnesium. Green pea flour is a good source of phosphorus (great for teeth and bones) with a 100g portion providing over 20% of the daily requirement.

reformatted chickpea

Example pulse flour applications:

vegan pulse flour example applications

Seed Mixes

A powerhouse of nutritional seeds contribute to many of our mixes. Seeds such as quinoa and linseed contain more than 20% protein. On top of that, quinoa contains all 9 essential amino acids. Linseed is loaded with nutrients such as omega 3 (which is found in abundance in fish).


EDME - Blends & Mixes

Example seed mix applications:

vegan seed applications

WholeSoft ® Sprouted

Following the huge success of our WholeSoft ® Sprouted grains, we've added more nutritious grains to the sprouted range.

Our sprouted quinoa brings great benefits to products. It adds visible value; provides a fantastic soft-chew texture; and has all the nutritional benefits found in the grain. What's more, it carries the ancient grain label which lends great support to your product positioning, labellling and marketing.


EDME Sprouted 50 50 blend of quinoa and spelt

Example WholeSoft ® Sprouted applications:

vegan wholesoft
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We are proud of our certification from The Vegan Society and will add it to our many quality and compliance certificates to demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards, and helping to support you with healthy, nutritious products.

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