Spelt is a nutty-flavoured ancient grain, dating back at least 9,000 years. There's a great story to tell about its remarkable revival - and an even more compelling narrative about its applications and benefits.

This ancient grain can be used to help premiumise products as diverse as artisan breads, crackers, biscuits, breakfast cereals, energy bars, savoury pies, ready meals and salad toppings.

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The benefits of using spelt flour in artisan breads

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Enhances the crust colour and bread flavour

Wholemeal spelt flour gives crust an attractive rich brown colour which acts as a visual cue for healthy, nutritious artisan bread. Just as importantly, it provides a subtly sweet, nutty flavour to the loaf.

Increases nutritional value

As with a lot of wholegrains, spelt is a good source of fibre. It also contains a significant amount of minerals such as maganese, zinc and iron which help to support a balanced diet. Using wholemeal spelt flour in artisan breads will give an added boost of nutrition.

Ideal for sourdoughs

Spelt flour adds a premium quality to sourdoughs, particularly through its richness in colour and ancient grain label. We recommend using inclusions of 30% of spelt flour to achieve the best results.The gluten forming proteins in wheat flour support the long bulk fermentation times required for making sourdough.

The benefits of using spelt flakes and kibbles in breakfast cereals and energy bars

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As well as being popular for bread inclusions and toppings, toasted spelt flakes and spelt kibbles also work well in breakfast cereals and energy bars.

This is because they combine a high mineral and unsaturated fatty acid content with a low proportion of phytic acid (anti-nutrient), have a slightly sweet, light nutty taste, and a composition rich in starch.

The structure of the long chain molecules in the spelt grain are also beneficial to breakfast cereal and energy bars because they slow down the rate of digestion - providing satiety and energy, perfect to start a day or for an on-the-go product.

The benefits of using sprouted spelt as a bread inclusion

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Sprouted spelt works wonders as an inclusion in bread.

Retains moisture

Being a sprouted grain, it will not compete for water in dough-based products. The means a more uniform crumb structure and better moisture retention which improves freshness and reduces bread staleness.

Provides soft-chew texture

It also provides a succulent bite with subtle sweet, malty flavour notes. This adds a unique twist to consistency and mouthfeel of the end product.

Adds visible value

With the full spelt grain expansive and intact, it provides standout in bread - as well as a variety of other products - giving visual cues of wholegrain health and nutrition.

And that's just the beginning of the types of applications our spelt products can be added into, if you would like to find out more about how our technical experts can support you with EPD or NPD, contact us:

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