Proud to introduce our latest ancient grain product: malted spelt flakes. This natural, wholesome ingredient has all the nutritional benefits of spelt with the added bonus of being malted.

malted spelt flakes

An ancient grain ingredient for:

Breakfast Cereals

Spelt is an ancient grain and in the eyes of consumers will premiumise your breakfast cereals. It lends great support to your product positioning, labellling and marketing. It's all part of the narrative. Malted spelt flakes provide a subtle biscuit flavour, a malty crunch, and a visual appeal to breakfast cereals.

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Speciality bread, biscuits and crackers

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A genuinely malted product

Unlike other flaked products on the market that are sprayed with malt extract, our spelt flakes are genuinely malted. We put our grains through the traditional 3-step malting process before they are flaked:

1. Steeping (Soaking)

2. Germinating (Sprouting)

3. Kilning (Heating)

The traditional malting process helps to:

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Nutritional benefits of spelt

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Field to bowl - traceability, provenance and control

bakery and breakfast cereals

We work alongside UK spelt farmers right from the seed being planted. Once harvested, the raw material comes to us to be traditionally malted and flaked, we can then supply traceable, wholesome spelt flakes to add nutritional and marketing value to products such as breakfast cereals, speciality breads and energy bars.


Also available malted spelt kibbles:

malted spelt kibbles

Much like malted spelt flakes, the kibbles work well in breakfast cereals, energry bars and granolas. They have a slightly sweet, light nutty taste, and a composition rich in starch. They also provide a chewy bite and can be used to enhance the visible value of your breakfast cereals.

To find out more about malted spelt flakes and our range of flakes, kibbles and flours, or talk to our technical experts about EPD or NPD, contact us:

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