Try our diverse range of gluten free flours, perfect for use in batters and coatings. Each one delivers something unique in respect of texture, taste, nutrition and colour.

EDME pulse flours

Bringing benefits to batters

For terrific pancakes, it's got to be quinoa or buckwheat. These flours have a subtle nutty taste and the light brown-grey colour spells out health, nutrition and minimal processing. They each carry the 'ancient grain' label - which resonates well with consumers.

Fava bean flour, which is high in protein and easy to use, helps to thicken and bind batter. It provides a golden, crisp finish.

Rice flour supports a crisp texture, and, compared with other gluten free flours, gives a lighter batter coating.

The full range incorporates the following batter benefits:

batters benefits-11-11

Example batter applications:

applications for batters and coatings updated pancakes

Pancakes / Waffles
Using buckwheat flour

Battered coatings
with fava bean flour

Doughnut batters
Using buckwheat and rice flour

Bringing benefits to crumb coatings

Our flours are ideal for crumb coatings - from fresh and frozen meats and fish, to vegetarian and vegan products. They are suitable for frying, grilling and baking applications.

Different coating types can be achieved depending on desired result.

Pea flour, for instance, supports a light, flaky and airy texture. It also brings with it a high-quality protein and is a great source of iron.

Chickpea flour provides a denser texture as it thickens the mixture and is great as a binding agent. It is also high in protein and rich in fibre which helps towards substantiating nutritional claims.

Our full range incorporates the following benefits:

coatings benefits-12

Example coating applications:

gf coatings applications

Bean burger
With gram flour

Crumble pie toppings
Including rice flour

Mozarella sticks
Using maize flour

To find out more on how we can help with your batters and coatings, or for further info on our gluten free flours:

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