Food ingredients company EDME have announced that Gavin Mulligan will be taking on the role of new product development manager. His 14 years in charge of the company’s scientific analysis give him an excellent head start.


“He knows raw materials, processing techniques and finished products inside and out,” says EDME director Mike Carr. “What Gavin doesn’t know about flours, flakes, kibbles, malted and sprouted grain isn’t worth knowing! The technical insights he gained through monitoring quality and consistency will be invaluable for supporting our customers in their quest to develop ever-better products.


“As well as helping bakers and food manufacturers with ingredient insights and recipe development, Gavin will be focussing on the other end of the supply chain. He’ll be working with local farmers on raw materials – ensuring quality, quantity and consistency of supply, but also looking into development of crop varieties. Innovation in food goes hand in hand with innovation in farming – certainly in the natural food sector anyway!”


Gavin will be monitoring the latest food trends and ensuring that EDME is ahead of the game in its support to bakers and food manufacturers. He says,
“The increasing fragmentation of the food market is being driven by powerful trends. These range from natural, gluten-free and vegan to high energy, high protein, high fibre, low sugar and low-fat. Consumers all want something different!


“Having to cater for these varying demands adds layers of complication for players in the food industry. They may need numerous brand extensions, each with different attributes for marketing purposes. That’s where we can help. Our intimate knowledge of the ingredients means we can offer advice and support with the tweaking process, to help them achieve their nutrition and health goals – at the same time as protecting moreish taste and texture.”


Gavin has contributed significantly to EDME’s AA rating in the BRC audits, and to the company’s overall reputation for quality in the natural, wholesome ingredients it supplies to bakers and food manufacturers across the country. These include gluten free and malted flours; flakes and kibbles; blends and seed mixes; and sprouted grains. He is now set to play a wider role that spurs even greater innovation in the food and farming sectors.