“I oversee the testing of ingredients in the lab. A usual day includes checking certificates, making sure emails are dealt with, results are inputted into our database and supporting the team.

The lab works with many of the departments on site to ensure ingredients at all stages meet our high quality specifications.

Testing starts before the ingredients can be processed on site. We either receive and process certificates from companies who have had ingredients examined before arriving at EDME or we test a sample in the EDME lab. If ingredients have passed, we will pass it on the database and let the relevant people from different departments know so ingredients can continue with the next steps.

We then test ingredients once they have been mixed, flaked, kibbled or milled. There are various types of tests we perform to ensure we are meeting customer requirements. These include tests on colour, moisture, hagberg (for enzyme activity), and sieving. Once ingredients are passed we complete all relevant paperwork and ensure a smooth transition to our warehouse, ready for distribution.


One of my main focuses is the flaking-line. Each day, results from the flake line operators are collected, inputted into a database and crosschecked against our results in the lab.

The most challenging thing about my role is prioritising the workload. Working with all departments can mean we are a hive of activity and get numerous requests. Having said that, I work with fantastic, hard-working people - some of who I have known throughout my time at the company - so makes it easier to manage the workload as we pull together as a team.

A great part of my job is seeing people like quality control supervisor, Jordan, progress in the company. He started as an apprentice in the lab and has made fantastic progress to be in the role he’s in now. The team are all very proud.”