“My day starts with a commute by train from Chelmsford. Every day is varied and different, but I always begin by checking emails, making sure to prioritise customer and suppliers.

“Other responsibilities include creating and updating our records of audits; requesting quality certification from our raw material suppliers; and supplying quality certificates of our ingredients to customers.

“I’m mainly based in the office and will venture out on site to carry out audits. Currently, I audit two plants on site per month: the flour mill and the yard. The audits are done to make sure all processes are running correctly and to high standards. As my training carries on, my aim is to learn more about other areas of the site, and in time, carry out audits in all the plants.

“The most challenging part of my role is the language barrier. When I moved from Spain to the UK a year and a half ago, I could hardly speak any English at all. I’ve worked hard to learn the language and the help and support I have received from the quality team has been great. They are very patient and make me feel super comfortable if I need a sentence to be repeated or have any questions.

“The best moment I’ve had at EDME so far is a hard one as each day gives me something new to learn. Perhaps one moment that sticks out is when I found out I got my role at EDME – it was right before Christmas and was the best present I could’ve wished for!

“In my eight months of working for the company, I’ve picked-up a great deal. The team is helping to build my confidence, improve my language skills and broaden my experience in working with food quality.”

Marina Gonzalez