There is a never a “normal” day in the life of an LGV1 driver, or in fact of any driver, so when I was asked to tell my tale I wasn’t quite sure of where to start...

The day begins with a 3am alarm call, so its up, wash, dress, quick cup of coffee along with a bowl of cereal before heading out the door, without waking the rest of the inhabitants in the house!

After travelling the relatively short journey to work, the truck is unlocked, safety checks carried out and paperwork is in order, I leave the yard to creep through the neighbouring streets - though I’m not sure if it’s possible to “creep” with a 44-ton articulated truck.

First stop is Greary's Bakers in Cambridge where I meet Luke, their forklift driver. One of the benefits of having regular contact with the customers is that many of them become almost friends, rather than customers.

After a lunch break, it's onto Gunstones Bakery in Dronfield; then Fosters at Mapplewell; and Sherburn in Elmet.

The day over, 12.5 hrs work, 8.15 hrs driving, 511 km covered and 5 drops delivered. All in all, a good day’s work.

As I said at the start, everyday is different. Traffic delays, closed roads, roadworks and other factors can have a massive effect on the day and how it pans out, but that’s all part and parcel of being a driver.

As an EDME driver, you are part of a huge team which works behind the scenes. You see customers on a regular basis and with that comes great responsibility. Meeting lots of different people and being responsible for the delivery of our goods, makes it a very challenging job at times but also a very satisfying one.