Our pioneering WholeSoft sprouted grains are cereal wholegrains that add natural sweetness and soft bite to your specialist ranges. They are ideal for ready meals, pies and salads, as well as bakery applications.

We carefully germinate and stabilise the grains, preserving their character and structure so consumers will see them, as well as taste them, in your product. These visible cues will help you in your quest for premiumisation.

Talk to us about how our WholeSoft innovations could add nutritional value, taste and texture to your products. 

WholeSoft Sprouts are microbiologically, enzymatically and physically stable. This ensures they are equally as good in ready-to-eat applications as they are foods that are going to be further cooked or baked.

Sprouted grains are ones that have been germinated through steeping in water. They soften as they are soaked, and rootlets (sprouts) break out from the outer layer of the grain. Levels of starch are reduced, and proportions of protein and fibre per grain are increased.

Our unique process provides bakers and food manufacturers with a preservative-free soft grain to use. WholeSoft Sprouted grains are great for baked goods – as well as for salads, soups, stews, pies and dairy.

WholeSoft Sprouted ingredients provide a fantastic opportunity for you to take advantage of the growing consumer awareness of, and interest in, sprouted grains. Our rye, naked barley, spelt and wheat are ready for you to add visible – and nutritional - value to your products!

WholeSoft Benefits


Our whole-kernel soft grains are amazingly versatile in their usage. From toppings and inclusion in breads, to adding texture in yoghurts, to adding fibre and sweetness to savoury pies - they're ready-to-eat nature makes them simple to include in a whole host of varied products.


They provide visual and textural appeal to breads and other baked products, adding a succulent soft chewing quality. The fact they don’t compete for water in dough based systems means a finer crumb structure, better moisture retention and improved keeping qualities.


They simply taste fantastic.

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