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What is Malt?

A grain which has gone through a 3-step process:

malting process with roasting (2)

Can be made from any cereals - most often wheat, rye, oats, barley

Resulting grains can be turned into fantastic flours, flakes, kibbles

Crystal and Roast Malt Flours


Crystal and roasted malt flours add flavour and colour to products. They can be used to enhance colour and flavour in your basic dough recipes or to be the defining character of your speciality products.

Since malt is the main ingredient of beer, malt colour is measured using the EBC (European Brewing Convention) scale as you can see below. The guiding principle is that flavour intensifies as colour increases.

Diastatic Malt Flours


The malting process helps create ingredients with great functional benefits. Diastatic malts provide three main enzyme functions that act on the starch, protein and cellulose components of flour during formation of dough and its baking.

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