Malting is a 3-step process that raw grains like barley, rye, wheat, spelt go through to become malt.

The malting journey:

malting journey-02

Malting helps to:

Improves essential amino acid composition

Improve essential amino acid composition

Improves starch and protein digestibility

Improve protein and starch digestibility

Boosts flavour

Decrease anti-nutrients such as phytates and tannins

Increases vitamins and minerals

Increase nutrient density

Increases vitamins and minerals

Increase vitamins and minerals especially vitamin B complex and folates

Enhances colour

Boost natural colour and flavour

Sourcing the finest malt

85% of the raw materials we source are from the UK, the vast majority of which is grown locally - keeping food miles to an absolute minimum. We have a strong relationship with local growers, as well as maltsters, helping to ensure quality is always at the top of the agenda. Plus, we can assure robust traceability, enabling you to reassure customers about your ingredients.