Bulk & bespoke blending, test bakery and R&D centre

Bulk Blends

At EDME we have the facility to blend our customers bulk core ingredients with any number of other options from a wide range of products and ingredients. These can be packaged to most specifications adding value to their range.

Bespoke Specialist Blending

At EDME, we pride ourselves on being able to offer many options for creating special blends and mixes. Customers can come to us to turn their own development ideas into real, marketable products. We can work with their formulations or, if needed, we can add our expertise to help create the desired end result.

Test Bakery

Our purpose-built test bakery, installed more than ten years ago, provides both the facility for product development (both bakery and non-bakery applications) fault diagnosis and customer joint project workshops.

R&D Centre

A dedicated research and development function works in conjunction with NPD to investigate new plant and processes and optimise manufacturing efficiencies.