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Provenance & Sourcing

As grain processors, EDME's innovation programme begins in the field. Working with expert growers, with access to both plant breeders and entrepreneurial farmers, we are always looking for the next big thing. From novel grains and heritage varieties to our staple grains, we use local growers wherever possible.

Consumers like to understand the connection between the farm and the shopping basket. Our relationship with local growers will help you communicate this close connection, and reinforces the traceability and provenance of your products. 

Raw materials sourced from further afield, where supply chains are more extended, undergo rigorous vetting by our own Quality Assurance department, and nothing is allowed through unless confidence in food safety and quality is assured.

For many of our operations, we can toll process customer-owned raw materials, as well as offer our own bespoke products. Our own extensive experience in raw material sourcing means we can work with you to find products that meet your exacting requirements.

Quality Controls

The whole supply chain has – quite rightly - come under much greater scrutiny in recent years. It’s not only retailers who need assurance about provenance and quality of food and ingredients: it’s consumers too. Food programmes, magazines, newspaper features, websites and social media have all kindled the interest and encouraged people to ask more questions about what they put into their mouths.

Our AA rating from the BRC helps our competitive edge, sending positive cues to buyers in the bakery and food sectors – and to any shoppers delving into information about food and the supply chain.

Although the quality team takes the lead when it comes to accreditation, quality is not something delivered by a few individuals. It’s dependent on commitment from everybody right across the company. We’re proud to say that’s something we have.

Grain and seeds coming in from fields need meticulous cleaning before being milled into flour, rolled into flakes or chopped into kibbles. Then every step of processing, packaging, storing and delivery has to be scrupulously controlled and monitored.

The culture at EDME means that people are ultra-alert about what’s going on – and prepared to act if anything seems less than perfect.

EDME - Quality Controls

Grain Cleaning

Much of what we do at EDME involves converting raw grain into palatable, quality whole-grain ingredients either for further processing or as ready-to-eat products. As a prerequisite to this, our grain cleaning operation is fundamental to the quality of our products. The purity we achieve is testament to investments we have made in this process over the years. From mechanical separation to optical sorting, the process comprises a series of operations each designed to tackle the challenges of harvested raw materials.

EDME - Grain