The values that govern our business and practices

Edme is a creator and manufacturer of superior cereal-based food ingredients.

Our team mixes innovation with a comprehensive understanding of cereals and the products we make from them.

What we’re known for:

Edme is proud of its strong reputation for flexibility, quality and “doing the right thing”.

What we do best:

Edme delivers its promises, commits and adapts swiftly to change and responds quickly to the requests, needs and concerns of its customers.

What makes us unique:

Edme is driven by an industry-focussed team, highly motivated by the flat structure of management it embraces and the responsive support it encourages.

How we do things:

With our focus on the customer, we take control and aim to deliver safely, securely and on time. Whenever possible we bring your order to the doorstep without having to rely on third parties.

We connect with producers for the food markets of Europe whilst  building a route to new business in Asia and the USA. Further, we aim to grow by acquisition and by developing new products that meet and guide our customers’ needs.

We acknowledge and engage with stakeholders in our business by:

  1. Empowering and showing respect for our employees through listening to, training and enabling people.
  2. Promoting actions which we anticipate will sustain growth and quality through good management, competitive pricing and penetration of new geographical markets.
  3. Serving and interacting with both the local community and our fellow industry colleagues.
  4. Investing in people and equipment as well as managing our wider corporate responsibilities to protect the long term future of both company and environment.