Test Bakery
Test Bakery
Innovative product development facility at Mistley headquarters

EDME has an innovation centre and test bakery at the company headquarters in Mistley, Essex.

Installed more than 10 years ago, the test bakery provides a facility for product development, which spans both bakery and non-bakery applications. The venue is also used for fault diagnosis and customer joint project workshops.

Our test bakery is led by Richard Ball, a highly experienced baker who formerly worked at Sainsbury’s head office in bakery technical development. Richard brings 50 years of baking experience to our business. This ensures that recipes are rigorously tested and offers expert insights on the visual appeal, taste and texture of our products.

The test bakery integrates three main areas:

  • Formulation of new recipes
  • Testing out new ingredients
  • Quality control and fault finding for customers.

It incorporates the ability to simulate different environments – from artisan up to fully industrial. As a result, EDME can offer product development and recipe simulation for smaller bakers that don’t have the time or an appropriate location to do so; whereas for larger bakers, we can be proactive in developing and showing products.

The test bakery can also be rented out to suit customer requirements.

For further information about the EDME test bakery, please contact sales@edme.com.