Malt Flours
Malt Flours
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Light Malt Flours

Malted Flakes are used in a range of standard and specialist bread products providing a natural source of fibre, flavour and texture. They can be used individually or in a combination at levels of 20-25% of flour weight. Several types of malted wheat flakes are available, each with different characteristics. Flavour, colour and thickness can be matched to the specific application required. By selecting the appropriate flake, these products can be used in sweet or savoury products including breakfast cereals, muesli and granola bars, in addition to the more traditional bread applications. Malted flakes carry the characteristics flavour of the parent cereal. Malted Rye Flakes have the slight sourness associated with rye, whereas Malted Oat Flakes, have a more delicate and sweet flavour.

Kibbled malts share many of the applications of malted flakes and are often used in conjunction with them to provide an interesting variety of texture in the finished product. There are other areas where the small particles size and high flavour level of these products come into their own, particularly in small baked goods such as mini rolls, cookies and biscuits.

Malted cereals are often used in place of non-malted products as the malting process makes the grain more friable and able to absorb water readily; thus no soaking is required prior to use. They also retain a degree of softness when the baked in bread products, giving better eating quality.

As malted cereals are natural ingredients, analytical data will vary depending on the growth conditions of any given season. Microbiologically, they have low levels of yeast, mould and bacteria due to the high temperatures used in their production. Nutritionally, malted cereals have high carbohydrate levels and low levels of fat.

Products Characteristics

Standard Malted Wheat Flakes Wheat
L.D Malted Wheat Flakes Wheat
Malted Wheat Flakes Wheat
T Malted Wheat Flakes Wheat/Sour
III Malted Wheat Flakes Wheat/Sour
IV Malted Wheat Flakes Wheat/Sour
IV T Bumped Malted Wheat Wheat
Kibbled Malted Wheat HD300 Wheat
Malted Oat Flakes Oat
Kibbled Malted Oats Oat
Malted Rye Flakes Rye
Malted Rye Flakes BC Rye
Kibbled Malted Rye Rye
Organic Malted Wheat Flakes Wheat
Organic HD 300 Wheat