We produce more than 150 different speciality bread concentrates, the majority of which are tailor made for our customers.

Our blending plant combines the latest technology with all the systems and safeguards to be expected from a company that supplies many of Europe’s leading food manufacturers.

We offer our customers the chance to choose from nature’s store to create their own bespoke blends. We offer more than 300 individual ingredients from around the world including natural cereals, seeds and pulses that have been processed through our facility to enhance their eating qualities while retaining their goodness.

Our concentrates contain only the essential ingredients needed to create speciality breads, with no added salt or improvers. They are designed to be added to flour in the bakery, meaning customers can further tailor their products to their specific requirements through the use of different flours or improver systems.

The advantages of the use of concentrates are improved quality, consistency and cost effectiveness. Our processes simplify procurement, supplier approvals, documentation and stockholding, and avoid wastage – both of ingredients and time. We do not use GMO ingredients, and have rigorous quality control systems to ensure a high quality result every time.

Some of our most popular concentrates are:

Maltcob Range

These malted concentrates will make traditional malted brown breads using soft eating flakes of malted wheat. The addition of malt flour to this range of concentrates – Europe’s favourite sandwich maker – enhances the pleasant, mildly malty taste.

Select Grains

Selected grains and seeds including soft grains of wheat and rye, sprouted grains of malted wheat, oats, pearl barley, poppy seeds, linseed and sunflower seeds, added to malt flour and brown cane sugar will create the perfect multigrain bread.

Six Seed

Natural seeds and grains are sprinkled throughout this light textured bread. Millet, sunflower and poppy, together with flakes of malted wheat, rye flour and malt flour, combine for light multigrain bread.

Craft Grain

This German type of speciality bread is dark and grainy with a roast taste. It consists of roasted malt flours, rye, soya grits, oatmeal, linseed and sunflower seeds.


A rich malty tasting bread with a golden colour that is packed with seeds (including linseed, sunflower and millet) with a high content of wheat bran for fibre and a special blend of malt flours to complement taste. This concentrate produces full-flavoured, malted seed bread.


A ‘functional food’ bread containing linseed, soya and maize. Soya is high in protein, iron, magnesium and B-group vitamins. Linseed contains phytoestrogens and omega-3 fatty acids.

Savoury Onion

An excellent tasting onion bread with specially-prepared dried onions that have been carefully processed to give a unique ‘fruity’ onion flavour.

Sticki Malt

This tea time treat contains the finest malt, raw cane sugar and other selected ingredients to make a delicious sticky malt loaf. An English delicacy traditionally eaten at teatime.

Italia Tomato

A delicious combination of sun dried tomatoes and herbs including basil, oregano and rosemary for a very Italian speciality bread.